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Thank you for your continued support and interest,
our current sale is now over
The 2017 Great Killarney canoe and sea kayak sale
will start in July 2017! .. Stay tuned.
Early notifications will be posted
on our face book Page


Our 2017 rental fleet of (2016) 16', 17', and 18.5' Souris River canoes.
So well re-conditioned, they are for all intents and purposes, new canoes.

2017 Models

Colour Souris River Base Price Yoke Option Third Seat Shipping Cost From
Souris River
Total Souris River List Price Killarney Outfitters Sale Price Your Savings
16' UL Kevlar Prospector LeTigre Natural Kevlar $3,195.00 $60.00 N/A $375 $3,630.00 $2,555.00 $1,075.00
16' UL Kevlar Quetico LeTigre Natural Kevlar $3,195.00 $60.00 N/A $375 $3,630.00 $2,555.00 $1,075.00
17' UL Kevlar Quetico LeTigre Natural Kevlar $3,245.00 $60.00 N/A $375 $3,680.00 $2,585.00 $1,095.00
18.5' UL Kevlar Quetico LeTigre Natural Kevlar $3,395.00 $60.00 $100.00 $375 $3,930.00 $2,685.00 $1,245.00

Our mission: Killarney Outfitters will have new ultra-light Kevlar canoes for rent each season.

Our 2016 fleet of reconditioned Souris River Canoes Souris River canoes for sale

2016 spring delivery of our new fleet of rental canoes

Killarney Outfitters Souris River canoes

Did we mention our canoes are true Ultra - lights?

Our 2016 fleet will be so well re-conditioned, they are for all intents and purposes, new canoes.

Is the new 2016 on the right or left?

One these 17', arguably the best tripping canoe made today, is a brand new 2016 just off the factory truck.
Already customized by Killarney Outfitters with extra Kevlar felt skid plates both bow and stern,
making the toughest canoe ever, even tougher! ..
Can you tell which canoe is new and which re-conditioned canoe has perhaps a lifetime of paddling on her?
Often we can't tell ourselves ... is the new 2016 on the right or left?

We would like to give a hearty thanks to all (81 of you) who purchased a fleet canoe in our 2015 fall/winter sale.
Our rental fleet of ultra-light weight Kevlar tripping canoes is now the best and freshest in Ontario.

Can't make a Fall pick up? We will store your new canoe for the winter, inside storage,
free, until your next canoe trip in Killarney, 2017 Spring or Summer.

Keith Robinson, President and Co-founder of Souris River Canoes, inspecting our "sold" 2014 fleet canoes. - June 26, 2015
ps. If you have previously purchased one of our multi year rental canoes, we will give you an
"Almost what you paid" trade in value, on a new re-conditioned current year model.

Canoe Delivery 2013

OUR WARRANTY: We offer a life time warranty to the next owner.
If something breaks, wears out; seats, yokes, etc. an accidental hole appears...
We will fix it in Killarney in most cases immediately or overnight.
We will charge you "OUR COST" only in materials and labour.

How to refinish a Souris River Epoxy Kevlar canoe:

Stress Cracks:

Do you bend loaded canoes over beaver dams? Do you high angle load from steep shorelines? Forget to tie your canoe to a tree at your campsite prior to a 3:00 am wind shear that blows your ultra-light canoe a couple of hundred meters down the shore line?
Many people due just this in the great Killarney canoe wars.

Often we have to patch/reinforce minor spider web stress cracks with small 2” – 3” patches on the inside of the Hull!
These cracks are NOT THRU-HULL and primarily are cosmetic only. Many canoes survive patch free!

Our refurbished canoes will outlive us all….

A hearty thanks to all... Enjoy your wonderful canoes and kayaks!


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