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Hike - Lake of the Woods

Access The trailhead is located on Bell Lake Rd, there is a small car parking area.
Length 3.5km loop trail
Time 3 hrs
Difficulty Moderate - some steep sections.
Caution Rocks can be slippery when wet.

Opened in 2010, the 3.5km Lake of the Woods Trail is Killarney Provincial Parks' newest hiking trail! Located in the northern end of the park, part way down the Bell Lake Access Road (across from the Turbid Lake Access).

Lake of the Woods is an amazing example of old growth forest. The gnarled ageing birches shed their thin bark like wrinkles, giving it a personality that is no less than magic. The variety of low laying plants and fungi host an unimaginable palette of colors one would not associate with the Canadian wilderness, but are a very real and amazing part of a forests ecosystem. Walking under fallen, moss, covered maples supported by spring soaked rock heaves; it will be hard to believe that this area was once under threat by logging.

When the trail emerges from the canopied forest it leads onto the high open ridges typical to Killarney. The elevation affords a fantastic view of both Silver Peak to the west and the Lake of the Woods below. This bird’s eye view is part of what makes this trail so inspiring.

Also, keep eyes peeled for wildlife at this point. Lake of the Woods supports a large variety of the parks fauna, which could be easily spotted from the trails edge.

Along these open areas the way is marked both by the red markers as well as small rock piles or cairns.

As the trail begins to descend there are a few foot bridges leading over trickling creek beds. Eventually, the path will lead to the water’s edge; continue a short distance to reach the bridge to the small solitary island. Once above and now below, this centering view brings the hiker an entirely new perspective of the Lake of the Woods trail.

This tucked away trail also offers amazing views of Silver Peak!


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