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Point Grondine Park
Wemtagoosh Falls 21km Looped Hike 3/4 days

Hike - Silver Peak

Access via: Bell Lake

Enter at Bell Lake and paddle west around the first peninsula to the trail-head (3km)
Join the trail to Silver Peak (5.5km hiking one way).

Access via:
Johnnie Lake

Enter at Johnnie Lake and to paddle to the portage into Clearsilver Lake (approximately 6km)
Paddle Clearsilver Lake (1.5km each way)
Join the trail to Silver Peak (4km hiking one way).
Length 5.5 km hiking each way
Time Allow a full day
Difficulty The beginning of the hike is fairly flat and well traversed, then a steep one-hour climb to the top of the Peak. Hikers should be in good physical condition and be prepared for a strenuous hike.
Caution Exposed rock can be slippery.
Sturdy footwear is recommended.


Climb to the highest point in Killarney Park

Pack a lunch and enjoy spectacular views of the park and Georgian Bay from the highest point in Killarney Provincial Park. The trail can be accessed from several places:
Bell Lake is the best choice to access the trail if completing the hike as a day trip. A short paddle north west from the access point will lead to one of the trail heads.

While camping on nearby lakes Silver Peak can also be accessed from David Lake and Boundary Lake. There is access from Johnnie Lake over a 830m portage into Clearsilver Lake. This trail can be taken while doing the complete loop of the Silhouette trail as well. There is no road access to this hiking trail.

Leave the canoe here and pick it up at the end of the hike. Sturdy footwear is recommended because certain sections of the trail can be very steep. Also bring along sufficient water and layers of clothing. The elevation is not extreme but conditions can vary considerably from the lakeshore to the exposed ridge tops.

The first section of the trail is gently rolling and passes through a number of wetlands and hardwood forests. This is an excellent chance to view a great variety of wildflowers and ferns, which thrive in these fertile soils. From here the terrain will become more difficult and will start a gradual and steep climb to Killarney’s apex. The last kilometre is somewhat rugged and challenging but the view is well worth it.

The La Cloche Mountain range is approximately 2.3 billion years old and at one time its peaks were taller than the Rocky Mountains. Years of erosion from wind, water and frosts have caused these once massive cliffs to transform into rolling hills. The white quartzite is one of the most recognizable features of KPP and amazes geologists and tourists alike.

The exposed quartzite peak is rewarding with a spectacular 360-degree view of KPP and the vast waters of Georgian Bay. At one time, Silver Peak was destined to be a ski resort that would compete with Mount Tremblant. However, due to its steepness and isolation the project was cancelled and Silver Peak’s natural beauty was protected. Despite the lack of ski facilities, Silver Peak’s mixture of pink granite and white quartzite still draws tourists to its base. Sitting at an elevation of 543m (nearly the height of the CN Tower in Toronto) this hike is surely an unforgettable adventure that will make you feel on top of the world.

Expect the hike to take approximately 3 hours each way.




Hiking Silver Peak


The hike to the top of Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park is a popular day hike
for canoeists staying on David, Bell or Johnnie Lakes.
At an elevation of 539 meters, there are spectacular views of the surrounding white quartzite ridges
and the distant shores of Georgian Bay.

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