Pink Islands

What To Bring

Outdoor adventures are always more enjoyable if you have the proper clothing and equipment.  The following list is a basic guideline that will enhance your Killarney experience.  We have all of these items available for sale in our store.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

The importance of good raingear cannot be stressed enough.  Choose a rain jacket that is constructed of waterproof fabric.  Gore-tex works well, and foul weather gear made for sailing is durable and comfortable.  Bring synthetics, polypropylene, or wool clothing to wear under your rain gear.  Cotton doesn’t dry quickly so we don’t recommend it for your trip.  Synthetic materials are a better investment.   You may not need to bring your rain gear out of your pack; however, you’ll be warm and dry in a downpour if it occurs. 

Quick-dry nylon pants and shorts are perfect for our environment.  A popular choice among guides and customers are the quick-dry pants that zip off and double as shorts.  Synthetic shirts in long and short sleeves keep you dry and also insulate your body.

Paddling activities always mean wet feet; for daytime paddling sport sandals are a popular choice, as are neoprene booties.  For land or camp wear, bring a pair of stiff soled light hiking boots or shoes. 

Use our equipment list as a guide and please call us if you have any questions.


Water shoes:  neoprene booties, sport sandals or running shoes
Land shoes:  hiking boots, approach shoes or running shoes
Rain jacket or poncho (must be waterproof and decent quality, rain pants are great too)
Wide brimmed hat to protect from sun and rain
Quick-dry (nylon) shorts 
Quick dry (nylon) pants 
Warm pants (fleece, polypro or wool type pants)
Wool or synthetic socks
Fleece jacket or wool sweater
Synthetic or synthetic/cotton blend t-shirts
Synthetic or synthetic/cotton blend long-sleeved shirt


Sunglasses with strap
Camera and film
Sunscreen (min SPF 30)
Bug repellent
Towel (compact size)
First Aid Kit
Toiletries and any medications
Pocket knife
Binoculars and field guides
Book/cards/journal & pencil
Plastic Water bottle
Day pack capable of holding rain gear, camera, lunch, sunscreen, etc.

Extra Clothing for Spring and Fall

Warm toque
Long underwear (synthetic)
Extra socks
Extra fleece or wool sweater
Bug jacket for early spring trips

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